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Games like “Shovel Knight” and “Super Meat Boy” look and feel like they came from a different era, while other titles such as “Hotline Miami”, “Retro City Rampage” and “FEZ” are filled with so much love for the 80s and 90s that one just can’t help but feel nostalgic for days gone by when playing them.The same goes for movies and TV shows – “Drive”, which directly inspired the aforementioned “Hotline Miami”, would feel right at home if it was released as an 80s low budget pulp thriller, and then of course there’s the smash hit series “Stranger Things”, which is essentially the 80s Stephen King adaptation that never was.And sure, it also has its fair share of challenges (the absence of a map, while not that noticeable in “Dark Souls”, can be very confusing in “Salt & Sanctuary” because of the lack of reference points), but honestly, if you like the brutal hack & slash series, you’ll like its 2D iteration too, and if for some completely unexplainable reason you don’t, then maybe all you need is a change of perspective! So the guys at “La Cartel Studios” were like “Screw it, let’s just combine these two and make all of Oliver the Retro Guy’s dreams come true! Its controls are tight and responsive, and when you die it’s always your own fault, not to mention the awesome new “Nekro” mechanic brings a whole new element that’s not found often in 2D brawlers. But the fact that, on its own, “Stardew Valley” is fantastic isn’t the reason why it’s on the list.Add to that what’s probably the best soundtrack of the year and you’ve got a winner! The reason why it’s there is because this game, which, again, was made by just one guy (Eric Barone), managed to top Steam’s charts and become the ONLY 2D game to make in the top 40 best-selling PC games of 2016. Despite starting out as a tribute to the classic farming series “Harvest Moon”, I think it’s fair to say that in many ways “Stardew Valley” surpasses it, and I can’t wait to see what else the developer has in store for us!In order to be able to properly answer the question of why retro is not doing too well and gradually disappearing, we need to discover just why it was popular in the first place.And the reason for that is simple – the people who were kids in the 80s and 90s were adults in the 2000s, with disposable incomes.Thanks to the Internet, their nostalgia for the shows they watched and games they played as children reached the ears of the people who actually have the power to bring them back, and so they did.

9”, a, sadly, very disappointing game inspired by the classic “Mega Man” franchise and made by the same guy who created “Mega Man”!

The same goes for movies – the majority of movies that are coming out in the next few years are part of established franchises, with the few that bank on nostalgia (e.g. Let’s look at two of the most anticipated retro products of 2016 – the “Ghostbusters” remake and the game “Mighty No. “Ghostbusters”, despite a very controversial marketing approach from the studio which sought the help of vocal feminists to label everyone who disliked the movie as a misogynist, still only made 6 million on a 4 million budget, and while initially that may seem pretty great, keep in mind that the budget listed here is only for production and doesn’t include the massive marketing campaign, so the real estimate should be close to about 0 million cost, which means that “Ghostbusters” actually lost money.

While I don’t have any sales numbers for “Mighty No.

Additionally, we’ve had games like “Axiom Verge” which pay tribute to “Metroid”, “Yooka Laylee” which pays tribute to classic “Rare” platformers, and “Hotline Miami”, which is basically the NES game that every kid wanted to play.

My point is that everyone remembers the classics and tries to emulate them…

Retro has always been in our name, and gaming has always been in our blood – so I think it’s absolutely time for us to talk about retro games!

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